End-to-End Automated Hardware/Software Co-Design using Embedded Development Tool for SoC Design

For efficient hardware/software co-design, Space Codesign® Systems has developed SpaceStudio™, a technology to create virtual platforms, the only embedded systems development tool that allows system architects to perform hardware/software partitioning with an innovative drag & drop mechanism, moving components from hardware to software and vice versa. As a result, there is no more need to recode VHDL, change memory mapping or be restricted to predefined hardware. SpaceStudio is an end-to-end automated ESL (Electronic System Level) technology with libraries targeted for the aerospace and multimedia industries.

With increased pressure for faster time-to-market solutions in the embedded systems applications market, SpaceStudio's sophisticated development tool addresses the need for rapid software application development. The revolutionary SpaceStudio™ software takes end-to-end hw/sw co-design automatically from high level functional specification to the architectural and RTL (Registered Transfer Level) coding phase.

Accelerate Embedded Systems Design Development using SpaceStudio Hardware Software Co-Design where:

Lower Development Costs with Eased System-On-Chip (SoC) Design Implementation:

Create Better Embedded Systems Code with HW/SW partitioning:

Integrates Smoothly With Other EDA Tools in Your Embedded System Design Flow

All in all, end-to-end automation of complex embedded systems design, including with multicore processors, reduces the time required to perform System-On-Chip (SoC) design in FPGA or ASIC. This translates to lower development cycle times and costs and better code for complex embedded systems.

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