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SpaceStudio 4.3 is here!

Space Codesign Systems announces the release of SpaceStudio V4.3, which is optimized for space applications. The release supports the virtual platform of the NanoXplore NG-Ultra, a SoC FPGA for space, along with a space toolkit that complements the ecosystem, including the real-time operating system RTEMS, the XNG hypervisor, and a high-level synthesis tool by Siemens Catapult HLS.

Read the press release here

New and noteworthy

  • Added virtual platform for NanoXplore NG-Ultra (4x ARM Cortex R52)
  • Added real-time operating system RTEMS 6
  • Added XNG hypervisor by fentISS
  • Added Siemens Catapult HLS
  • Upgrade all toolchains to GCC v11.2
  • Update to Linux 5.15